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Backend in October/November

mySugr 1.*

  • PDF reports 1st iteration done (further refinements TBD)
  • Major email component rework (-> Campaign Monitor API)
  • Implemented server-side TOS handling
  • Enterprise distribution adaptations (APNs…)
  • Challenges:
    • Refinements, e.g., losing-related
    • Enhanced rules integration testing
    • Further i18n/l10n of texts


  • Improved internal automated stats
  • Refined release process workflow
  • Generated various voucher codes
  • AWS systems maintenance

Kids App

  • Finished 1st iteration of prototype backend
  • Deployed, it’s up and running on Heroku now

mySugr 2.0

  • Started with achievements backend (incl. admin web UI)
  • First basic data model and REST service adaptations